For Business Owners

Alta specializes in helping middle-sized companies realize their potential.  Whether we participate as a minority partner or are entrusted by previous owners to lead the next stage for the company, we bring all of our resources to bear on our portfolio companies.  Alta’s team has helped companies institutionalize, expand geographically, obtain leadership positions in the market, and unlock margin efficiencies.  We have done so both as operators and as private equity investors.

Criteria & Approach

We approach companies whose sales range from US$15m to +US$120m and operate mainly in Mexico. Target companies are typically at the expansion/growth stage of development that have achieved commercialized products or services and need capital to modernize, expand and consolidate with the objective of assuming or strengthening a leadership position in their respective sectors. We seek to invest US$10-US$30 million in a portfolio company.

Our investment can have the objective of financing growth, making add-on acquisitions, consolidating minority shareholders, providing liquidity to owners and/or funding management buyouts.

At Alta, we like to partner with experienced business owners and management teams with clear strategic visions and compelling business plans. We ensure that the terms create a win-win situation with both partners and managers. We intend to jointly develop the company, while respecting managers’ operational responsibilities.

Value add

Institutionalization and corporate governance

Alta helps establish regular Board and Executive Committee meetings inviting independent directors with deep experience and value-add. Additionally, we guide the selection and implementation of enterprise resource planning systems, best practices in accounting and reporting, and optimal legal structures. We complement management teams with seasoned professionals and establish controls that make companies attractive for strategic buyers and enable founders to spend less time in operations.

Focus on strategic objectives

We assist managers in defining the most significant avenues for value creation and establish mechanisms to keep the organization focused on achieving them.

Unlocking growth potential

Our strategic and financial experience allows us to assist in defining key markets and growth strategy; establishing value proposition and sales practices for organic growth; facilitating international expansion with our international network; obtaining additional financial resources, and detecting potential targets and managing acquisitions.

Creating operational efficiencies

We help establish purchasing and supply chain strategies, revise administrative processes, and optimize financial resources.

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